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An essential part of the human existence is the purpose we get from meaningful work. Here at Tri-Valley, we offer a wide-range of employment opportunities to the people we serve. Tri-Valley clients love the connections they make through work, and they also love the opportunity to demonstrate their unique skills and earn a paycheck.

The ability to work and earn a living is a key ingredient to belonging. We walk side-by-side with our clients to help them find a job where they thrive.

Supported employment opportunities include:

  • Community-based employment - finding a job placement through an area employer.

  • Supported employment through a Tri-Valley Service Center - Contracting work with area businesses that is completed and managed by Tri-Valley.

Vocational services are offered at each of the three Service Centers. In addition, we offer classes and training to clients interested in honing interview and application skills.

If you're interested in hiring Tri-Valley clients, we'd love to talk with you! Visit our Business Solutions page.

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