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Case management at Tri-Valley centers on finding solutions for every person served's goals and needs. Case managers connect families and guardians with services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and are advocates for their wellness and livelihood.

Targeted Case Management at Tri-Valley Developmental Services coordinates services and helps oversee that the individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities are meeting their preferred lifestyle.  The targeted case manager assists with linking the person served and/or parent/guardian to services which help gain access to medical, social, educational, and other resources and/or benefits to meet the person served's needed supports.

Targeted Case Managers create an individualized, Person-centered plan for each person served, and continually assess services and advocate for their preferred lifestyle to be met. 

Services provided through Tri-Valley case management:

  • Information provision

  • Assistance in identifying resources and barriers, as well as designing services tailored to the person served's needs

  • Educating persons served of their rights and responsibilities and how each influences their preferred lifestyle

  • Advocacy for the person served's needs and desired lifestyle

  • Adaptation of the person served’s plan to meet their current needs

  • Monitoring quality of services provided and identifying additional resources and/or  benefits available.

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