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Are you ready for some Football?

This fall, Tri-Valley has an exciting fund-raiser planned. Once again, we have partnered with the Kansas City Chiefs organization to offer our friends an opportunity for reduced price tickets to all 10 Kansas City Chiefs home games. For every ticket sold using the Tri-Valley link and promo code, $10 will come directly to Tri-Valley. The ticket prices for all games/events will vary, so there is no flat price like last year.

These tickets are on a first come, first serve basis and are available for all 10 Chiefs home games. Those games are: two pre-season (August 10th – Bengals; and August 24th – 49ers) and eight regular season (September 22nd - Ravens; October 6th – Colts; October 13th – Texans; October 27th - Packers; November 3rd - Vikings; December 1st - Raiders; December 15th - Broncos; and December 29th - Chargers).

The Chiefs organization has given us a direct link to their website for anyone interesting in purchasing these tickets. If you are interested in going to one of these games, please contact Tricia at 620-431-7401, ext. 230 or at or visit and use PROMO CODE (ALL CAPS) - TVDS

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